Quality Carpet Cleaning Is Crucial

Probably due to sheer ease and simplicity, vacuuming is the preferred “carpet cleaning” method for most people. However, mere surface vacuuming simply cannot remove many types of dirt from carpet. Chief examples are chewing gum, paint, stains, and such. Common carpet cleaning techniques are:

– Vacuuming. This is recommended on a regular basis to help maximize carpet longevity. This best vacuuming method is to make multiple passes over each section prior to going on to the next. Such thoroughness is necessary to remove embedded debris from carpet. Baking soda is an excellent remedy for carpet odors.

– Overall stain removal. Vigorous scrubbing with a wet cloth immediately followed by reabsorbing any residual moisture with a dry cloth prevents most stains. Some stains cannot be eliminated so easily, however. Major examples are wine, blood, chewing gum, and acid. A professional carpet cleaning service is the best option to tackle such heavy-duty stain removals. If you do opt for DIY, be sure to stick to any instructions to ensure proper application of the cleaning solution.

– Deep Cleansing. Do this several times per year to remove dirt from deeper carpet layers or restore faded color that vacuuming cannot accomplish. As it can be quite time-consuming, a professional carpet cleaning contractor is best qualified for the job. If you go the DIY route, start by ventilating the entire area to expedite post-clean carpet drying. Also, never proceed without first doing a spot test to ensure that your chosen cleaning product will not worsen color fading. As always, follow all directions to the letter. Stay off of the carpet until it dries completely. As for hiring a carpet cleaning company, the foremost thing is verifying that its reputable and consistently produces results. A lot of outfits use high-pressure sales tactics but cannot back up their claims.

To avoid such shysters, stick with firms that have the following:
– Industry registration and certification. This is the primary criterion when trying to select the best carpet cleaning service. Ask for customer references. Also, assess the level of courtesy and knowledge exhibited by company reps with whom you interact during initial inquiries. Reputable businesses also dispatch a qualified carpet cleaner to your location to assess the overall condition of your carpet and what will be involved in resolving your current problems. This helps them accurately determine the best equipment and chemical detergent products to utilize as well.

– Outstanding customer service. Any good carpet cleaning company keeps its customers satisfied. Check to see if they maintain a website wherein you may peruse customer reviews. Also check outside consumer review sites to see what others have to say about the business.

– An adequate supply inventory. Good carpet cleaning outfits use a wide variety of equipment and chemicals. They either maintain a large in-house inventory or have partnerships with wholesale cleaning supply vendors. This ensures that the best option(s) for your particular needs are available. Therefore, ask about what types of equipment, cleaning formulas, and techniques will be used in your particular case.

– Comparison shop. This step is absolutely critical to get the best possible carpet cleaning service at the lowest possible price. Compare estimates from multiple prospective providers that you have pre screened using the previously described criteria. Fees vary widely among carpet cleaning companies. There are also many other factors to take into account. These include overall reputation, length of time in business, membership in the Better Business Bureau and/or industry associations, customer reviews, follow-up care availability, and other such factors. Carpet cleaning is sensitive, so carefully consider all relevant matters whether you hire outside professional assistance or opt to take on the task yourself.