Pool installation projects are best left to the professionals in most instances, what with so many unique factors to consider relating to secure construction and waterproofing. Hiring a pool construction company can be an excellent way to begin a project, as these services will often provide free quotes and helpful advice to home owners wanting to have a pool built.

How Much Does it Cost to Put in a Pool?

In Australia, the average cost of a pool is between $10,000 and $30,000 – depending on the company. The size, shape and depth of a pool will also play a role in the final quote and it’s always worth obtaining a few different estimates before coming to a decision. It can be all but impossible to know how to install an overground pool yourself and this is why it’s suggested that home owners hire an agency.

How Much Does it Cost to Build a Gunite Pool?

For home owners that would prefer a swimming pool with a greater level of longevity, gunite pools seem to be the way to go. These concrete-based swimming areas take a little more time to construct, and although they may look the same as regular pools when finished; they can be much stronger. In most cases they will cost between $20,000 and $50,000.

How Much is a Fibreglass Pool?

The majority of swimming areas will make use of fibreglass for its insulation and water-resistant properties. The thing to consider when investing in one of these pools is that although they can often be up to $10,000 less, they will typically require more maintenance – which can up the price somewhat. A fibreglass inground pool can be one of the most popular types of pool available to home owners.

How Do You Build a Swimming Pool?

When hiring a pool construction company, most will begin by conceptualising ideas and presenting these options to their clients. The design phase is very important, as it can define the size and shape of a pool – as well as how much it will cost. Once this phase has been taken care of, an agency will then set about evaluating the parameters of the construction and clearly mark the required space. They will then dig, fill and finish using an inground pool kit, which can take anywhere between a few weeks and several months – depending on the extensiveness and features of the swimming pool.

How Much Does it Cost to Build an Indoor Swimming Pool?

For those with the space and cash, an indoor swimming pool can become a focal point within a home. Their construction works in much the same way as when building an exterior pool; although the materials used outside of the pool can vary. Where weatherproof materials will typically be used outdoors, when building a pool in a home it can be possible to have wood used to provide a little more aesthetic appeal. In general, indoor swimming facilities can cost an additional $20,000 AUD.

How Much Does it Cost to Install an Endless Pool?

Endless pools, or infinity pools as they are often referred to, often utilise advanced drainage systems to ensure that the water present doesn’t easily go to waste. When using the patented ‘endless pool’ resources and features, the system can start from roughly $30,000. For other types – particularly those that are offered and installed by pool building companies, the cost can be anywhere between $15,000 and $30,000 extra.