What Types of Service Does a Glazier Provide?

All homes feature windows; whether they are there to allow light into a room or for ventilation purposes, windows have been a staple presence within homes for centuries. Although their manufacture and design may have changed over the years, they are no less vital to the structure of a property. When it comes to the installation, maintenance and repair of glass, there’s no one quite as effective as a good glazier. But what services does a glazier provide and how can they be of assistance?

Glass installation

If there’s one main reason why a home owner may get in touch with a glazier in Australia, it’s to have a brand new set of windows installed. As straight forward as the process might sound, it’s actually a very technical task and requires cutting, shaping and fitting in a way that ensures structural integrity, whilst looking and functioning as intended.

A good glazier will have the right tools and equipment available to guarantee the successful completion of a project. They’ll typically start by removing any older windows safely, before aligning and fitting the new ones. Once set in place, these new windows will be secured and then insulated, so as to be effective from that point onward.

Glass maintenance

It’s not uncommon for the condition of windows to deteriorate over time. When this happens, it’s not just the functionality of the glass that can be affected; it’s also the appearance that can begin to suffer as well. To make sure that glass remains in working order well into the future, it’s a good idea to book the maintenance services of a glazier every couple of years.

They will evaluate the condition of rubber insulation, as well as the integrity of the glass comprising the windows themselves. If any discrepancies are noticed, they will be able to go about rectifying them in order to keep the windows functioning as intended.

Glass repair

As frequently as glass is featured in and around the home, it can actually be a very dangerous material if exposed to damage. Cracks lead to splits and even the smallest chips can result in shattering if not treated properly. That’s where a glazier’s repair services step into the fray. If you’ve discovered any signs of damage in your glass panes or on any of the framework – it’s advisable to get in touch with a glass expert.

They’ll set about identifying the potential risks and then implement any number of repair methods to make sure that all components of the window remain in a safe and secure condition. For cracks and chips they may use resin injections to reinforce the structural strength, and for other types of damage they can often repair or replace on the spot – the type of damage present will determine the solution needed to rectify the issue.